5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Heat

Don’t miss out on the beauty of the sunshine—just make sure you take safety precautions. Here are some creative ways to keep your baby cool in the heat.

As we get close to true summertime and beautiful sunshine, we start to think about all the ways we want to enjoy the outdoors. With backyard BBQs and beach days (though socially distanced) on the way, all we want to do is break free of our homes and go enjoy nature. That said, it’s especially important to think about the ways to keep ourselves and our children bodies safe in the heat, especially if you have an infant or toddler. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds if you take the proper precautions. Here are some creative ways to keep your baby cool in the heat.

Keep It Shady

One of the best ways to keep your baby cool in the summer is to keep them in the shade. Direct sunlight is harsh on skin, but especially on fresh baby skin. Do the babe a favor and find some shade, whether that means sitting underneath a tree rather than on the sand or bringing a portable pop ’n’ play with you. Shade is better for everybody and ensures nobody gets dehydrated or sunburnt.

Add Some Water

If you’re hanging out in the backyard, fill up an inflatable pool. The refreshing water is just what your baby needs to deal with the heat. You can even choose inflatable baby pools that are shaded so that they still aren’t in direct sunlight. Even if your baby isn’t sitting upright yet, you can still use the pool to keep them cool—just make sure you hold them while they cool off their toes.

Pick the Right Clothes

This may not seem that creative, but it’s essential to keeping a baby cool in the heat. If you put long sleeves and pants on your baby, even to go on a walk, they’re bound to overheat. Keep clothes light, short, and breathable. For children who always want to bring blankets with them, choose muslin blankets that are lightweight and perfect for the hotter months. And, of course, don’t forget about a floppy hat to complete the look!

Pay Attention to Timing

Heading out at the hottest time of the day is not a good bet. Pay attention to what time of day you’re heading outside. You can still enjoy the sunshine and the fresh breeze at ten in the morning or four in the afternoon when it’s not as hot—it’s a safer bet for your child.

Wet a Towel

One of our favorite tips for keeping babies cool in the summer is quite simple. If you have a water bottle that keeps water cool for a long time, use that to wet a towel to dab at your baby’s forehead and hands. It’s a great little trick for long walks, and it will keep your child’s temperature down while they’re in the stroller.


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