How to Choose the Right Destination for Your Wedding

This guide on how to choose the right destination for your wedding will help ease the burden for couples who are stressed out from planning.

The world is unrecognizable right now. Millions of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings have been postponed. Although delaying your big day is heartbreaking, not all hope is lost. Rescheduling the event gives couples more time to fine-tune the details. For example, people can rethink where they want to have the soiree. Read these tips on how to choose the right destination for your wedding so that you can have the day of your dreams.

Which Location Fits Your Vision?

Before you pick a location for your wedding, you must narrow down your theme. If you want a grand party that screams sophistication, then a ballroom is the way to go. Ballrooms are all about elegance, and it’s sure to be a night that people won’t forget. However, if you want things to be more low-key, think about a nature-centered reception. Nature and romance are copacetic. There’s nothing more beautiful than having a ceremony in the woods, surrounded by trees and flowers. Finally, the beach is a terrific option for couples who love all things tropical. Dreaming about the perfect location will help you get through these challenging times and ease the pain of having to reschedule.

What About Size?

Couples must think about the size of their wedding while choosing the destination. There are different types of wedding receptions that people can choose from, based on size. If you and your fiancé plan on inviting four hundred people to the event and offering a sit-down dinner, then you need to book a large venue. No one wants to attend a wedding where people are packed in a room like sardines. So please choose a space that gives people room to breathe. Conversely, couples who are hosting a more intimate reception should book a venue that reflects that sentiment. It would be incredibly awkward to have a massive room for only fifty people.

Go With Your Gut

The most important tip on how to choose the right destination for your wedding is to go with your gut. If a location speaks to you, then book it before it’s unavailable. Couples should also speak to the establishment’s staff. Everyone needs coordinators to organize their big day. Talk to these professionals before you sign on the dotted line. Let these experts know that you’ve had to postpone things. Hopefully, this will motivate the employees to make your day even more memorable.

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we live. Sadly, large gatherings such as weddings aren’t recommended at this time. However, engaged couples shouldn’t feel discouraged. People can use this extra time to plan the day of their dreams. Take the time to perfect your flower arrangements and catering. Your wedding will definitely be worth the wait.


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