Tips for Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Would you say you’re a man who loves sports, TV, video games, and more? Then you deserve a man cave. Check out these tips for creating the ultimate man cave.

Whether they admit it or not, every guy wants a man cave—and rightfully so. However, you may face some challenges when building your haven. Every guy envisions their ideal man cave differently; not to mention, everyone has different spaces to work with. Continue reading to learn some tips for creating the ultimate man cave.

Have a theme

If you’re the biggest fan of your favorite team, maybe you want to build your man cave around that team. Who doesn’t want an awesome Phillies or Pirates man cave? A theme will help you hone in your décor options and make them appear intentional.

Consider a focal point

Some guys work with the space they have, so they build their man caves around a focal point. For instance, if you’re a sports guy, your focal point might be the entertainment center. Alternatively, some man caves are built around billiard tables, and others have built-in bars. The point is, as long as the focal point is something you love, it will make your man cave unique.

Have a legendary entertainment center

What’s a man cave without a great TV setup? Every guy needs a setup that includes a TV or projector, with plenty of movies and gaming consoles. If you’re setting up an entertainment center, go big or go home. Don’t get a 70-inch TV and then go for the cheapest accessories. For instance, you should upgrade to high-quality HDMI cables as opposed to the cheap cables that come in the box. Additionally, if you’re using a smart TV or devices that connect to the Internet, you should use high-speed HDMI cables.

So, do you really want a man cave now? See, we told you—even if you don’t want to admit you want a man cave, you do. Once we get through the coronavirus pandemic, use these tips for creating the ultimate man cave you and your friends will love.


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