What to Do with a Vacation Rental in the Off-Season

Use any downtime you have to do something with your vacation rental property. Take a look at some tips on what to do with a vacation rental in the off-season!

The off-season for a vacation rental home is a tough time. You can try so hard to keep your calendar booked for the winter, but there’s not much you can do besides update and upgrade your rental and market it as much as possible. When you got to springtime, you probably thought it’d be better.  However, with the current pandemic stopping almost all travel, your vacation rental is still probably in what’s considered the off-season. To help you feel productive with this time, we’ve listed a few different tips on what to do with a vacation rental in the off-season. From getting extra prepared for the summer to enjoying a bit more time off, take a look at these productive tips below.

Make Some Upgrades

Use this time you have to get even more prepared for the busy season. Maybe you can add in some more amenities, like a hot tub or extra TVs. There are also little upgrades you can make now that will make a bigger difference later. If you spruce up your backyard enough, you could market the home as a small wedding destination. You could think about different marketable ideas that you could offer to guests—spa weekends, yoga weekends, culinary weekends. Think about the different upgrades you’ve been meaning to make and then actually do them.

Plan More Design Time

There is always a way you can refine your vacation rental property’s design. Over the winter, you probably spruced up the property with different design elements, such as pillows and lighting. But now that you have more time to delve into the design, think about what else you can add. Maybe you have the time to repaint a room and add in a stunning wooden accent wall. Maybe you realized the power of Feng Shui and want to try it out. You have the time to play with the design of the house—do some research on what guests like, and then use that to your advantage.

Give it a Real Deep Clean

Cleaning is always a good option in the off-season. You can make time to clean out the gutters now that winter’s done. You can schedule different inspections for the future to make sure the home is in tip-top shape for guests. Follow different spring-cleaning projects for vacation rentals and then refine them and make the list your own. A home could always use a deep-clean, and now you’ll actually have the time to do it right.

Enjoy the Home Yourself

Our last tip is one you probably haven’t thought of because you’ve been too worried. Take the time to enjoy the beautiful property you’ve created for yourself. With everyone stuck at home, now is the opportunity to make the most out of that space. An added benefit is that you’ll really be able to tell whether you need to add an element to the house to make sure it’s perfect for guests. Don’t forget how lovely it is to take a deep breath and unwind for a bit.


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