Clearfield Elementary Teachers, Staff to Hold Car Parade

CLEARFIELD – Teachers and staff from the Clearfield Area Elementary School will parade through the Clearfield area on Thursday morning.

The car parade will cover the Plymptonville, West Side, downtown Clearfield, East End, Goldenrod, Southside, Hyde, Edgewood, Country Club, Longmeadow, Susquehanna Terrace areas, plus the Clearfield Driving Park.

It’s hoped their students will come outside so teachers and staff can see their smiles and “Bison Pride.”

They encourage children and families to practice safe social distancing (at least six feet) and to remain on their sidewalks or inside their vehicles.

The CAES Teacher Parade will:

  • depart from the school at 10:45 a.m.;
  • turn left onto Mount Joy Road;
  • turn right onto Center Street;
  • turn left onto Poplar Street;
  • turn right onto Moose Street;
  • turn left onto Maple Street;
  • turn right onto Route 322;
  • turn left onto Mill Road and travel by the site of the former Clearfield Middle School;
  • turn left onto Turnpike Avenue;
  • turn left onto Nichols Street;
  • turn right onto Weaver Street;
  • travel straight on West Second Avenue by Agway;
  • turn left onto Patterson and travel past the Little League field;
  • turn left onto West First Street;
  • turn right onto West Market Street, travel over the bridge by the Joseph & Elizabeth Shaw Public Library and continue straight by the Ritz Theater;
  • turn right onto Third Street by the Henry E. Meyer Towers;
  • turn right on Leavy Avenue;
  • turn right on South Second Street;
  • turn right onto Locust Street;
  • turn left onto Third Street by Zalno Jewelers;
  • travel straight onto Bigler Avenue by CVS Pharmacy;
  • turn right onto Daisy Street by Siegel Engraving;
  • turn left on East 12th Street;
  • turn right onto Route 322 east towards Dairy Queen;
  • turn left onto Charles Road;
  • turn left onto West Pauline Drive and complete loop;
  • turn left onto Charles Road and travel until the end of road;
  • turn right on Rocky Bend Road;
  • turn right onto John’s Drive;
  • turn right onto Pauline Drive;
  • turn left onto Charles Road;
  • turn right onto Route 322 west;
  • take Route 879 west/Clearfield Bypass;
  • turn right onto Spruce Street;
  • turn right onto Chester Street;
  • turn right onto Cumberland Street and into Sixth Street;
  • turn left onto Sheridan Drive;
  • turn left onto Fourth Street;
  • turn left onto Spruce Street;
  • turn right onto Route 879 west and proceed to Washington Avenue;
  • proceed by the Hyde Fire Company;
  • turn right onto Village Road;
  • turn right onto Highview Road and bare left by the former Centre Elementary School;
  • turn right onto Dairy Lane;
  • turn right into Edgewood Apartments and complete loop;
  • turn right onto Dairy Lane;
  • turn left onto Parkview Drive;
  • turn left onto Joseph Road;
  • turn right onto Pleasant Lane;
  • turn left onto Village Road;
  • turn right onto Washington Avenue;
  • turn right onto Country Club Drive;
  • turn left onto Meadow Road;
  • turn right onto Country Club Drive;
  • turn left onto Washington Avenue;
  • turn left onto Riverview Road across from Rainbow Car Wash;
  • turn left onto Indian Road (Susquehanna Terrace);
  • turn right onto Coal Hill Road at the stop sign and make a left onto Gulich Avenue;
  • turn left onto Southwest Third Avenue;
  • turn left onto West Market Street;
  • turn right onto West Fifth Street;
  • turn right onto Nichols Street;
  • proceed through the light;
  • turn left onto Park Street; and
  • travel through the Clearfield Driving Park.
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