First COVID-19 Case Confirmed on University Park Campus

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The first case of COVID-19 on Penn State’s University Park campus was confirmed today and a PSUAlert was disseminated to the University community as required by the Clery Act and per Department of Education guidelines around community notification of a first case on campus.

University Health Services and Environmental Health and Safety have protocols in place for identifying, testing and isolating potential cases in accordance with established health and safety practices.

Officials say it is important to note that the great majority of the University Park campus community is working and learning remotely, and the well-being of this community is the first priority.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has protocols for testing, announcing and advising cases – including contact tracing – along with individuals’ healthcare professionals.

It was noted that it is up to public health authorities to determine what information is shared publicly in the interest of public health and in accordance with relevant privacy requirements.

Officials say the University has protocols in place and isolating anyone who is suspected of having COVID-19 as well as following up with any individuals with any individuals who may have been exposed.

Officials say they wish all members of the community a full recovery should they test positive for COVID-19.

Penn State has implemented many changes based on the pandemic facing the world and community, and in accordance with state and federal governmental and public health directives.

Positive cases further underscore the importance of the steps the University has instituted including: self-quarantine guidelines, remote learning and telecommuting, cancellation of events and other social distancing strategies.

The health and safety of the community is of the utmost importance, and officials implore all to follow the latest prevention guidelines that have been published widely.

According to the CDC, anyone who feels sick should seek medical advice by first calling ahead to your doctor or an emergency room. Medical professionals are in the best position to recommend whether further action is needed.

Students: University Health Services will only see patients with a scheduled appointment and will not be accepting walk-ins.

Students experiencing upper respiratory infection or flu-like illness, will need to call the UHS Advice Nurse line at 814-863-4463 prior to having an appointment scheduled. Students at Commonwealth Campuses should contact their on-campus health services office.

Faculty/staff: Call your primary care provider.

For the latest updates and information about Penn State’s response to the ongoing coronavirus situation, visit

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