Jail Warden Submits Letter of Resignation

CLEARFIELD – After more than 24 years of service at Clearfield County Jail, Warden Gregory Collins has submitted his resignation to the Clearfield County Prison Board, effective March 27.

When asked, Collins had no comment on the reasons for resigning from the position.

He started at the jail as a deputy warden under then-Warden Sam Lombardo, and served in that capacity for 18 years. About six years ago, Lombardo retired and Collins was hired as the new warden.

Collins noted that it can be a difficult, grueling job and President Judge Fredric Ammerman agreed, noting that he has often said that the hardest job in the county is the district attorney and the second hardest is the warden and that he didn’t believe he could ever do that job.

“I’ve worked with some really wonderful people,” Collins said, “and we’ve accomplished good things.”

He added that the public will hear about all the bad things that happen at the jail, but never hear of the thousands of good things that happen, such as incidents when the corrections officers do everything in their power to help inmates.

It is important to remember that inmates are human beings, Collins said, and that they deserve to be treated that way.

Commissioner John A. Sobel said that Collins would be missed and that he hopes that his future endeavors are satisfying and fulfilling.

Commissioner David Glass added, “You’ve earned the right to have less stress.”

Among the other resignations and new hires, Collins asked the board to take special note of Elijah Jacobs, whose resignation is effective March 27.

He said Jacobs has been a real asset to the jail and has come far in the past year. Jacobs is moving on to the Quehanna Boot Camp.

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