Outdoor Activities to Do on Vacation

Spending time outside while traveling is a great way to immerse yourself in your foreign surroundings. Here are some great outdoor activities to do on vacation.

Exploring unique landscapes is one of the great joys of traveling. While perusing indoor museums and exhibits has its merits, there is nothing quite like immersing yourself in the natural scenery that a foreign land has to offer. For some fun ways to get outside on your next trip, try out these outdoor activities to do on vacation.

Scuba diving

Explore life below the surface by scuba diving on your next trip near the ocean. This favored vacation activity allows you to experience nature in a whole new element by swimming alongside stunning marine life in their natural habitat. Depending on your preferences and experience level, there are many different types of scuba dives to go on—from open-water dives to wreck diving.


Camping is a classic outdoor vacation activity. Those looking to fully immerse themselves in their natural surroundings will enjoy spending their vacation out in the elements. People who don’t have much camping experience may prefer to front country camp or car camp in an established campground. Those looking for more seclusion and who have the camping skills to handle it, however, can try their hand at backcountry camping off the beaten path.

Horseback riding

Whether you’re traversing across beaches or journeying through jungles, horseback riding is a great way to spend time outdoors while on vacation. You don’t have to be a seasoned equestrian to enjoy horseback riding on your next vacation. Many horseback riding companies offer excursions for people of all skill levels, even if you’ve never done it before.


Those looking for a rush of adrenaline and a bit of a challenge should consider off-roading on their next vacation. While off-roading, you can traverse rugged terrain and explore areas of nature you just can’t get to by staying on the beaten path. If you decide to go off-roading, it’s important to properly prepare for what you should and shouldn’t do by researching safety tips, rules and regulations in the area you’re visiting, and properly equipping your vehicle to handle the challenging terrain. Doing so will help keep you safe while also preventing you from harming your natural surroundings.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing can be an adventurous and exciting way to connect with nature on your next vacation. Those traveling to destinations with natural rock formations—and who don’t have a fear of heights—can enjoy this activity and the unparalleled views it provides once they reach the peak. If you’re new to rock climbing, make sure to get a guide to help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.


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