Taylor Waives Hearing in Burglary, Theft Case

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man is facing charges for his part in allegedly breaking into a local laundromat and then stealing more than $2,800 from two PA skills machines.

Tyrone N. Taylor, 27, is charged by Officer Austin Miller of the Clearfield Borough police with two felony counts each of burglary and criminal trespass; felony theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and conspiracy; and two summaries.

Taylor waived his right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday during centralized court at the Clearfield County Jail. He’s being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

The charges stem from a break-in that occurred at the Laundry Station in downtown Clearfield, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed with the office of Magisterial District Judge Mike Morris.

At approximately 5:19 a.m. Jan. 15, police said an employee reported that someone had broken into two PA Skills Machines and also busted out the building’s side window.

Upon arrival on-scene, Miller saw the front doors were open on two skills machines and on the floor in front of them, there were two busted master locks and an empty money dispenser. The dispenser for the other skills machine was connected to the machine itself.

The officer took the locks and dispenser as evidence and for possible collection of fingerprints. Miller also saw shoeprints left on two chairs inside the laundromat, which measured 11 inches in length.

On the side of the building facing Napa Auto Parts, Miller saw where someone had busted the window open and pushed its frame inward. It was noted this window is double-paned and only the external panel was broken.

He said there was a smeared handprint on the window pane, and it appeared as though the suspect had worn gloves. He also learned that all the doors to the laundromat were secure when the employee opened the business.

Miller said the laundromat has multiple internal and external security cameras, and he discovered that two internal cameras and one external camera had been repositioned by the suspect.

When the Laundry Station owner arrived on-scene, he accessed a report for the skills machines, which indicated they should contain $3,210. Miller removed the remaining $362 from the dispenser, and reportedly determined that $2,848 was stolen.

Later, the employee contacted Miller after they were able to view security footage. The employee said it showed a male inside the laundromat at approximately 2:41 a.m., and Miller requested a copy for police to review.

In the video, two males walked near the laundromat at approximately 1:36 a.m. One male reportedly looked across the street and pointed directly at an external camera.

Both males walked into the laundromat/Napa alley and emerged about 20 seconds later. They walked across the street and at approximately 1:40 a.m., the external camera, which previously faced the alley, is turned toward the laundromat.

Just before this, Miller said a shadow can be observed on the roadway, which indicated someone crossed the street. As part of his investigation, he also obtained surveillance from several other local businesses in the area.

It was found the male suspects entered the Sheetz store, located on Nichols Street in Clearfield, at 1:22 a.m., and purchased multiple items with an EBT food stamps card. Police obtained surveillance from the store and distributed photographs to local media.

With the public’s assistance, Miller positively identified the suspects as Taylor and Ronald L. Zimmerman II, 27, of Clearfield through photographs available on the Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET).

At 1:36 a.m. Jan. 15, police said both Taylor and Zimmerman were seen on surveillance, as they walked down North Third Street. Both had on dark clothing, and Zimmerman reportedly had an object in his right pants pocket.

A nearby security camera reportedly captured Taylor, as he crossed the street to the laundromat, repositioned an exterior camera facing the alleyway and crossed the street again at 1:41 a.m.

Minutes later, both men emerged from behind the former Veterans of Foreign Wars and walked to the parking lot for the Reed Street Apartments.

Then, at 2:36 a.m., Taylor and Zimmerman entered the laundromat/Napa alley and exited shortly after. A laundromat camera reportedly captured Taylor, as he entered the side window area, stepped onto chairs and turned two internal cameras. At 2:43 a.m., both men exited the alley.

At 2:48 a.m., Taylor walked by Kurtz Bros. and then through the parking lot at the Reed Street Apartments. At 2:54 a.m., Taylor and Zimmerman entered the laundromat/Napa alley again.

At 2:57 a.m., Zimmerman crossed the Reed Street parking lot and at 3:23 a.m., Taylor walked through the lot.  At 3:35 a.m., both entered the alley and a laundromat camera captured a male, as he broke into the machines at 3:37 a.m.

On Jan. 16, police received a call identifying the suspects as Taylor and Zimmerman, but claiming it was “all Ronald” and that Taylor didn’t do anything. The caller said Taylor “freaked out” because he was pictured in a news release.

Zimmerman is also charged with two felony counts each of burglary and criminal trespass; felony theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and conspiracy; and two summaries.


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