Tips for Getting an Amicable Divorce

If you’re nervous about the challenges and arguments in a divorce, consider an amicable divorce. Read here to learn a few tips for getting an amicable divorce.

Most people can agree that getting a divorce is less than ideal in any relationship, but sometimes, a divorce is the best decision you can make. Even if a divorce is fully justified, some people still shy away from separating for personal reasons, religious reasons, or simply out of fear. Traditionally, getting a divorce is a long, stressful, and exhausting process; however, getting a divorce doesn’t have to be ugly. Consider going into a peaceful divorce, as it’ll make the process faster and smoother. Continue reading to learn a few tips for getting an amicable divorce.

Be Future Focused

Once divorce proceedings begin, most couples just want to get the divorce over with and move on—even if there’s a lot of anger and hurt. Not to mention, attorney jargon is difficult to follow. Trust the process, trust your attorney, and keep your focus on the future. Once you get through this challenging time in your life, you can get back to focusing on your own wellbeing.

Resist Bad-Mouthing Your Ex-Spouse

Have you ever seen anything good come out of trash-talking somebody? Exactly. So, don’t start with your ex, as much as you may want to, bad-mouthing will only make the process more hurtful and certainly won’t be amicable. Now, on the other hand, your ex-spouse may be the one bad-mouthing. In that case, you can consider their actions and words a confirmation that you should divorce. If you choose to be the bigger person and refrain from trash-talking back, it’ll frustrate your ex even more that you’re not responding. Consider that a win and keep the peace otherwise.

Consider a Separation Agreement Instead

Some couples have a difficult time getting a legal divorce because of religious purposes, or even financial reasons. An alternative option could be filing for a separation agreement as opposed to a marital settlement. In a separation agreement, you and your spouse remain legally married while separated. However, it’s important that you communicate with your attorney that you both want a separation agreement; otherwise, the attorney may assume a dissolution of marriage.

Have a Positive and Healthy Group of Friends

To reiterate, whether you’re getting a separation agreement or a legal divorce, separating is never easy regardless of how long you and your spouse were together. Even in an amicable divorce, the process can be hurtful and very emotional, which makes it easy to fall into unhealthy habits. To remain healthy and positive, surround yourself with friends or family that are supportive and ready to help you through the process. However, be wary of others throughout the divorce process, because everyone will try to tell you what to do—whether you want to hear it or not. So, keep in mind that your own wellbeing should be your priority.

In most cases, divorces are painful and tedious processes. However, if you choose to incorporate one or all of these tips for getting an amicable divorce, the entire process will be much easier. Just be sure you’re always communicating with your attorney, and keep in mind that you’re going to be okay in the long run.



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