Jordan Sentenced for Part in Hole-in-Wall Drug Plot at CCJ

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man was sentenced Tuesday for his part in a plot to sneak drugs into the county jail through a hole in the wall.

The scheme began with Eric James Kyler, 42, who drafted his wife, Jessica Rae Kyler, 36, to slip drugs through a hole in the wall of a multi-purpose room made by inmates including Kyler and Justin Allen Jordan, 35.

They reportedly broke a cot and used a piece of the metal to dig the hole in wall near a window in the room that was being used to house several inmates due to space issues in February of last year.

On Tuesday, Jordan pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy/contraband and was sentenced by Judge Paul Cherry to serve 10 ½ months to 21 months in the county jail with one-year consecutive probation.

According to the affidavit, phone calls between the couple revealed that Eric Kyler gave Jessica Kyler instructions on how to crush up drugs in order to get them through the small hole.

At one point, Jessica Kyler tried to get something through the hole from outside the jail wall without success, leaving behind a glove and a coat hanger.

During the calls, Jessica Kyler mentions someone named “Chad” dropping her off at the jail and at other times says she is with “Chad.”

At another time while Eric Kyler was talking with Jessica Kyler other male voices are heard and he mentions both “Mason” and “Justin,” according to the complaint.

Jail records show that Jordan and Mason Miles were both housed in that room on that date.

In October, Jessica Kyler was sentenced by Cherry to 11½ months to 23 months in the county jail and two years consecutive probation for felony charges of conspiracy, contraband and criminal use of communication facility.

Eric Kyler also pleaded guilty in October in this case and a previous drug case for which President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman gave him a total sentence of 66 months to 14 years in state prison.

For more information on Kyler’s other case for which he was pleaded guilty for being involved in a methamphetamine ring, click here.

Miles, 26, pleaded guilty to conspiracy/contraband in December when he was sentenced by Cherry to 11 months and 15 days to two years in state prison.

Chad Schwartz, 47, who is facing similar charges, is scheduled to be sentenced on his plea agreement in March.


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