Clearfield Borough Discusses Proposed Camp Hope Landfill, County’s Appeal

CLEARFIELD – Under planning and community development at Clearfield Borough’s committee meeting Thursday, council members present discussed the Camp Hope Run Landfill proposed for Boggs Township and the planned appeal.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the matter of supporting the appeal process has been voted on three times previously by other councils and she wanted to have this council on record one way or the other as well.

At the beginning of the month, it was announced that the state Department of Environmental Protection elected to grant a permit to PA Waste LLC for construction and operation of the Camp Hope Run Landfill, which has been strongly opposed by residents and municipalities in the area since the original proposal in 2006.

The Clearfield County Commissioners have led the fight against the landfill, and Clearfield Borough is one of the municipalities, which has lent vocal support to the county.

Solicitor F. Cortez “Chip” Bell added that voting to support the appeal does not obligate the borough to contribute funding towards the appeal.

Stott said the borough has opposed the landfill for several reasons, including increased truck traffic in the area, the effect on local water quality and general concern for the environment.

She said that most of the truck traffic would come from Interstate 80, along the bypass on state Route 879 and then onto Park Avenue to state Route 153 (Crooked Sewer Road).

If there would be an accident on Interstate 80, traffic would be routed along U.S. Route 322 and through parts of the borough.

After some additional discussion, the committee voted to table recommendation to support the appeal until the newest council members are able to read and catch up on the issues involved.

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One thought on “Clearfield Borough Discusses Proposed Camp Hope Landfill, County’s Appeal

  1. mirum52

    There are also several safety issues involving the truck traffic. The first on being the 153 exit at the turning lane coming off the 879 (There have been several fatal car vs truck accidents). At the end of the exit ramp from the 879 bypass at the Park Ave Ext intersection, (A traffic signal would be needed because of the blind spot from the bridge to the intersection). The blind turns on 153 ( Intersection of Old Erie Pike at Ikes Teepee , There have been fatalities ). Also on the return trip, the intersection of 153 (Krebs Hwy) and Clearfield Glen Richey Hwy. where many vehicles including coal trucks fail to stop at the stop sign. Keep in mind that many of these trucks run together and if I 80 would be shut down near woodland exit. they will be coming through Clearfield. Front street at Park Ave intersection is another problem area (hard for a tractor trailer to make the turn) I suggest someone take a ride on the route these trucks will be taking as there are more problem areas.


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