Curwensville Council Discusses Dispute Between Landlord and Tenant

CURWENSVILLE – A landlord-tenant dispute is under review in Curwensville.

At Monday’s meeting, the Curwensville Borough Council heard from a renter regarding problems he has been having with his landlord.

The renter said when he had moved into the property, he was told that the landlord would be “fixing up” the house. However, the resident said the landlord has done nothing.

Code Enforcement Officer Tom Carfley said the landlord had fixed some rotted areas of the porch. Carfley also said he had stopped by the house last week, with the landlord, but the resident was not home.

The renter showed the council photos of the house. However, Carfley said, the problem is, neither the landlord nor the renter had photos of the house from when the renter first moved in.

Carfley said he has no way of knowing what damage was there when the renter first moved in and what damage happened while the renter was occupying the house.

Carfley also said it was his understanding that the landlord has taken the matter before the magistrate and he did not believe he (Carfley) could do anything until the magistrate makes his ruling.

Carfley did say that he would be willing to meet with the renter and the landlord on Tuesday to inspect the house.

Also, at the meeting, Carfley said, under the new rental registration ordinance, 45 landlords have registered 158 units. Carfley said 12 notices have been sent to landlords who have failed to register their properties.

Carfley said if these landlords do not register by the deadline, they will be facing a $300 fine. Carfley added that work is presently under way on a vacant property ordinance.

Carfley said the ordinance was designed to help crack down on properties that are abandoned and left to fall into disrepair. He said there are properties where the grass and weeds are allowed to grow uncontrolled. Carfley said he is hoping to have a draft for the March meeting.

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