Top Fashion Accessories for Men

Dapper fellows know the power of a good fashion accessory to complement their outfit and signify their style. Here are some top fashion accessories for men.

Guys who like to look great and show a little style should think about fashion accessories for men that complement, but don’t overwhelm, their style. We list some of the best accessories for men (just don’t wear all of them at once!).


Even if you don’t need vision correction, you may need sun protection for your eyes. Either way, it’s all about the frames. A good rule of thumb is to choose a shape opposite to the shape of your face: round faces look good with rectangular frames, whereas faces with a lot of angles can benefit from round shapes.


A classic topcoat looks great with a complementary scarf, and even a blazer benefits from an elegant silk or cashmere accent. Just don’t let it be fussy; wrap or tie it when outside, and take it off when inside.

Pocket Square

These used to just be “handkerchiefs,” but nobody seems to use them that way anymore. Instead, they brighten a jacket and subtly complement a tie.

Tie Clip

Keep your tie from flying up in your face with a tie clip. These come in silver, gold, or stainless, and some have decorative designs.


Coordinate style with the level of formality of your outfit; save the leather cord for casual, and wear a thinner, shiny metal chain with your suits. Bracelets call attention to your manly hands and wrists.


You should use a maximum of three in total. That means, at most, three out of ten fingers wear a ring, and keep them less than boulder sized. Coordinate with your bracelet for a pulled-together look.

Walking Canes

Yesterday’s Dapper Dans are today’s Steampunk Stans. Incorporating walking canes can really add panache to the dash across town to lunch or a meeting. Styles vary from classic wood with bronze or silver handles to modern carbon fiber or acrylics.


A quality leather messenger bag is a top accessory for men. You’ve got a lot of stuff to carry, and the messenger style bag makes it easy with the strap that goes across your body. The leather makes it durable and stylish.


Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Pay attention to the band and coordinate it with your belt. Your wristwatch is an extension of your style, so if less is more you, choose one with a simple face. If you like to be a bit more decorative, try a quality skeleton watch. It’s a conversation starter and adds a touch of luxury.

There are many ways to express your style through fashion accessories. Coordination and contrast are key, as is choosing just a few to display at any given moment. Materials matter, so it’s better to invest in one high-quality item instead of several pieces that will fall apart or fray quickly.




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