3 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a blast. However, they’re stressful to plan. Read these tips for planning a destination wedding to help alleviate some of that stress.

Destination weddings are the best. What’s better than celebrating true love in an interesting location? As amazing as they are, organizing a destination wedding is a lot of work. Guests only see the finished product. Behind the scenes, anxious couples are trying to get everything right. If you’re getting married soon, follow these 3 tips for planning a destination wedding. Engagements should be a joyous occasion. No one should look forward to their wedding being over, just that the planning is over!

Location, Location, Location

Engaged couples have to make so many decisions. They must select a caterer, sort through attire options, and narrow down an epic playlist. Unfortunately, the decisions increase when a couple chooses to have a destination wedding. The first task  couple must tackle is figuring out how to choose a destination wedding location. Location is everything when it comes to a destination wedding. People take time out of their schedules to celebrate with you. So please, make sure you choose an interesting location with tons of things for people to do. Also, make sure the venue is large enough to accommodate all your guests.

Hire a Wedding Planner

It’s crucial to hire a wedding planner if you want to have a destination wedding. Since you won’t always be near the venue, it’s important to know someone who will be. It’s nearly impossible to plan a wedding over the phone. Your wedding planner can take care of things that have to be done in person, such as negotiating with different vendors and ensuring every aspect is organized. A wedding planner will take care of the things you can’t. You’ll be so grateful when everything is ready to go on your big day.

Be Proactive

A vital tip for planning a destination wedding is to be proactive. First of all, you must give your guests ample time to prepare for your wedding. Since they’ll need to carve days out of their schedules, you must give them plenty of time in advance to do so. Send out your invitations as early as you can. Also, give people as much information as possible about the venue. You need to help your guests out where you can. Respect the fact that people are sacrificing a lot to come to your wedding. Don’t leave them to fend for themselves. Once you get all your RSVPs, send an itinerary for people to follow. Everyone will appreciate you taking the time to plan every little detail.


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