Grants Available for Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency

The Met-Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund will distribute nearly $200,000 in grants throughout the Pennsylvania service territories of the Met-Ed and Penelec energy companies in 2020 for projects and programs that support the development and use of clean energy technologies and energy efficiency.

Grants will range from $2,000 to $50,000, depending on the scope of the projects. Applications will be accepted online from Jan. 15 through March 16, with decisions to be made in July of 2020.

If funding remains after this first grant round, applications will be opened for a second round in the fall.  Previously, grant applications for the Met-Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund were accepted year-long on a rolling basis.

Please note that these are no longer rolling grant opportunities. Applications must be completed online by the stated deadlines to be considered.

The mission of the Met-Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund is to provide grants, loans and equity investments to promote:

  • the development and use of renewable energy and clean energy technologies;
  • energy conservation and efficiency;
  • sustainable energy businesses; and
  • projects that improve the environment in the companies’ service territories, as defined by their relationship to the companies’ transmission and distribution facilities.

While the fund primarily provides grants for non-profits, it may also consider making program-related investments from time to time, providing capital that must be paid back (loans).

In particular, program-related investments are often considered over grants for for-profit businesses. The benefit of a program-related investment is the ability to receive a larger amount of capital for a project than what is available through the grant program.

Program-related investments range from $25,000 to $500,000. Eligible applicants must be located and or serve residents within the territories of the Met-Ed and Penelec electric companies in Pennsylvania.

Grant funding is prioritized for non-profit entities; however, commercial or industrial organizations may apply. Individuals/residents are not eligible to apply.

More information, applications, and ZIP codes serviced by Met-Ed and Penelec are available at

Or go to, scroll to the bottom of the homepage, and click on “Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund.”

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