LT Supers Discuss Several Items of Business

CLEARFIELD – Several items of regular business were discussed during the first meeting of the Lawrence Township Supervisors for 2020 on Monday.

Solicitor James Naddeo informed the supervisors that the ordinance required for the township to borrow money to purchase the building for the new township offices has been advertised.

However, due to a mistake at The Progress, the advertisement was too late for the ordinance to be adopted at this meeting, so it will need to be advertised again.

Once that occurs, and the supervisor officially adopt it and that is advertised, the documentation will be sent to the state Department of Community and Economic Development for approval. Naddeo said he hopes they will be able to close by the end of March.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling reported that as things look now, the only paving the road crew will be able to do this year will be Industrial Park Road, which could cost as much as $374,000, though the cost could be a bit lower.

Woodling said the project will involve milling five inches off, then placing a liner on the roadway and then paving the road with five inches of material.

Woodling is also looking at the possibility of purchasing a Ford F550 cab and chassis and then using a truck bed they already have.

He said altogether the cost for the truck, including installing the bed and also installing hydraulics will be around $65,000. The supervisors made no decision as the item was for informational purposes only.

During the secretary’s report, the supervisors discussed a letter from the Department of Human Services on Leonard Street regarding false alarms.

Secretary Barb Shaffner said there were four alarms turned into her by Mill Road fire company and the earliest was in August. The total cost of fines was set at $2,000.

DHS asked if the fine could be waived, adding that the issue has been fixed. The supervisors discussed the precedent and Shaffner said that part of the issue is that the fire company needs to get the reports to her as soon as possible and not hold them for several months.

Finally, the supervisors agreed to waive the August fine and only levy a $1,000 fine.

Businesses that have false alarms get two warnings, and then subsequent false alarms result in fines.

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