Former Aide Convicted of Inappropriate Contact with CCCTC Student Sentenced to Probation

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield woman convicted for inappropriate contact with a student at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center was sentenced to probation Monday.

In September a jury found Edna M. Spencer, 60, guilty of misdemeanor indecent assault and corruption of minors.

After hearing from family members and noting that he had never seen such an “outpouring of support” for anyone including 25 letters, Judge Paul Cherry sentenced her to two years probation.

She is prohibited from having any unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18 and must complete the Project Point of Light program.

It was noted that she has no prior criminal record.

Spencer was charged in connection with an incident at the CCCTC on March 15, 2018 when she touched a 17-year-old student in the culinary arts locker room and made a sexual comment, according to testimony at the trial.

The victim testified that the encounter was “creepy” and made her feel uncomfortable.

Two other students also testified during the trial that Spencer would call them “sexy” and touch them while they were cooking.

At the time, Spencer was an aide at the school. For more information on the trial, click here.

Prior to sentencing, Spencer’s 19-year-old daughter spoke in defense of her mother saying her friends “never felt uncomfortable around my mom.”

Spencer’s husband of 25 years also addressed the court defending her.

“She is one of the most honest people I know,” he said. He noted she was diagnosed with cancer and “she’s been a trooper with that.”

He asked Cherry to consider their family and the hardships they have suffered recently. They could have had 100 more people write letters of support for her, he said.

“I know in my heart, the charges didn’t happen in the way presented,” he said.

Cherry said the jury rendered their verdict and it did not matter if she admitted to the act or not.

Spencer’s sentence includes the stipulation that she register with law enforcement under Megan’s Law, but her attorney, Chris Mohney asked Cherry to place a stay on that requirement because of pending litigation that the offender registration is unconstitutional. A Supreme Court decision on this is expected early in 2020.

Cherry granted Mohney’s request.

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