CMA Customers Urged to Use CMA Web site for Online Bills

CLEARFIELD – Residents are urged to utilize the Clearfield Municipal Authority’s official Web site for paying bills.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Manager John Williams asked residents to be mindful of where they’re going online to pay their bills.

Williams said the authority’s online payment system can be found at

Williams said there are “third-party” Web sites where customers can pay their bills; however, he cautioned that payments through these third-party Web sites may take a few days to process.

Williams said if the customers’ bills are due right away, and the third-party Web site does not process the payment in time, it could result in late fees.

The authority’s Web site allows customers to pay their bills without creating an account. Customers can enter the account number and amount to pay for the bill. Once the payment is received, the customer will receive an e-mail to confirm the payment has been received.

Customers can also use the “multi-account quick pay” option, which will allow them to pay multiple bills with one transaction. Customers can go to the Web site and use the “Billing and Payment Info” tab at the top of the screen.

Williams said any customers who may have questions or concerns can call the office.

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