LTE: Reader Believes Pete Buttigieg is the “Right Candidate” for 2020

Dear Editor:

I’m not a fan of labels, but, if pressed, I would consider Pete Buttigieg as a pragmatic progressive because his policies run somewhere in between both parties.

His policies don’t fall neatly into either party’s ideological spectrum. And his Douglas and National Service plans are two that come to mind.

Buttigieg is a U.S. Navy war veteran (Afghanistan), a graduate from the Harvard University and a Rhodes Scholar.

He routinely steers clear of political extremes on healthcare, guns, environmental issues, etc. And it’s not because he lacks the conviction or courage, but because extremes will not heal a nation.

Buttigieg’s platform speaks to the middle class from his K-12, health equity and justice, retirement and long-term care, veterans and military, gun violence prevention proposals and so on.

In my opinion, he has the full potential to heal a divided nation, and young and old alike support his air of decency.  For more information, please click here.

Buttigieg comes off unrehearsed, very comfortable in his own skin and as the type of guy who might just walk over and help you fix a broken lawnmower.

I look forward to watching his campaign move the 2020 presidential race towards content and away from empty cult personalities.

Dennis Biancuzzo


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