Curwensville Borough Approves “Junked Vehicle” Ordinance

CURWENSVILLE – Some changes to an ordinance will bring fees up to date.

At Monday’s meeting, the Curwensville Borough Council voted to approve the final changes to Ordinance 488, regarding abandoned vehicles.

At the meeting, resident Mary Ellen Read asked about statistics regarding the abandoned vehicles. Code Enforcement Officer Tom Carfley said there have been about “a dozen” abandoned vehicles in the borough this year.

He said the changes to the ordinance were mostly to address the fees. He said the fees have been increased to reflect the costs and to add fees for having the vehicle towed and stored. He said the previous fees were too low to cover the actual costs.

According to previously-published GANT News articles, it is illegal for any person to cause a motor vehicle to be abandoned upon any public or private lands in Curwensville.

It will be illegal for a property owner, tenant, lessee or anyone else in charge or control of any property in Curwensville to allow a junked or inoperable motor vehicle to remain their property for more than 30 days.

Any abandoned, junked or inoperable motor vehicles must be removed by the owner or operator of the vehicle or by the owner or occupant of the property.

If the vehicle is not removed within days of receiving notice from the police department, code enforcement or borough secretary, the borough will remove the vehicle.

If the borough needs to remove a vehicle, the owner of the vehicle or property will be fined $50, towing charges and storage fees (to be determined by the storage garage, for each day or until the vehicle is claimed by the owner.)

If the vehicle is not claimed within 30 days, the vehicle will be sold for salvage.

The ordinance defines an abandoned vehicle as “any motor vehicle which is found unattended without the current year’s registration plates or inspection sticker as required by law, has been continuously parked on any public land or private property for a period of 30 days and incapable of being operated under its own power.

A junked or inoperable vehicle is defined as “Any motor vehicle which is no longer in actual use as a motor vehicle or which is wholly unfit to be operated and as to which any of the following conditions exist:

  1. It has been so damaged by collision, accident or any other means that it is inoperable.
  2. It does not have all of its material parts, including but not limited to four (4) tires and wheels, required headlamps and tail lamps, windshield, radiator, transmission, engine, rear windows and doors.
  3. It is for any other reason inoperable.”
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