Clearfield Borough Holds Second Public Hearing on CDBG Funding

CLEARFIELD – The second public hearing regarding Community Development Block Grant money was held at the Clearfield Borough Committee meeting Thursday evening.

Community Development Specialist Lisa Kovalick informed the council members that, after discussions with Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott, she recommends using $92,304 of the 2019 money on flood protection and drainage improvements on Tyler Avenue.

The rest of the 2019 money will be used for administrative costs.

At the last public meeting in October, Kovalick said the borough was in danger of losing some of the money set aside for the Stinky Run project, which is still on hold by the state Department of Environmental Protection. At that time, she said that the money could be directed to another project.

Kovalick said at the meeting, they will need to submit an application for modification of using the funds. Once that is approved, they can make a final decision on the use, most likely for improvements and repairs on the skate park.

Additionally, there is $44,625.74 left of the 2016 allotment, and she proposed using it for spot blight reduction for two properties at 330 South Fourth St., and 305 Daisy St.

The money will be used to purchase the properties and demolish the structures. The borough will not sell the lots afterward but plant them with vegetation.

The deadline for public comments on the CDBG money is Nov. 18 at 10 a.m.

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