Gregoire Pleads Guilty in Drug Case

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man accused of possessing a quantity of drugs, including heroin and methamphetamine, pleaded guilty Monday.

Jeremy Gregoire, 27, of Clearfield was driving a vehicle through Lawrence Township on June 23 when he was stopped by police.

According to the affidavit, Gregoire was known to have a suspended driver’s license. The other occupants of the vehicle, Gabrielle Elizabeth Reffett, 20, of West Decatur, who was in the front passenger seat, and Alyssa Jo McGarry, 28, of Clearfield, who was in the back seat, were known to the officers for being drug users.

A fourth occupant was a juvenile who was released to a parent.

The car had numerous backpacks and cans used to hide drugs scattered throughout it.

After a search of Reffett’s purse uncovered drug paraphernalia and mushrooms, the vehicle was searched.

Police found a large bag of mushrooms, 96 stamp bags of heroin, suspected methamphetamine, a gun, bullets and a large amount of drug packaging items, according to the report.

Gregoire had over $1,400 in cash in his pocket.

The investigation revealed that the group had been conducting drug sales from a local motel and Gregoire was on a drug run when he was stopped by police.

Both women said Gregoire owned the mushrooms and gun.

Prior to sentencing Monday, it was noted that the plea agreement signed by Gregoire for a 12-month minimum sentence was not going to be accepted by President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman. He stated that he required a minimum sentence of two years.

The plea was rejected and Gregoire taken from the courtroom. However, shortly after, Gregoire’s attorney, Joseph Ryan, advised the court that Gregoire was willing to accept the two-year minimum sentence.

Gregoire was then sentenced to 24 months to four years in state prison for felony firearms not to be carried without a license, felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and corruption of minors.

In October Reffett pleaded guilty to possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and was sentenced to six months to one year in the county jail and two years consecutive probation.

McGarry also was sentenced in October to one to two years in state prison for possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, according to court documents.

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