Clearfield Woman Wanted for Being No-Show for Sentencing Court

Candace Gillingham (Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield woman is wanted for being a no-show for sentencing court, announced District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. on Monday.

Candace Gillingham, 30, is wanted for failure to appear for sentencing court Oct. 7, at which time a warrant was issued for her arrest, Shaw said.

Candace M. Gillingham, 30, was charged by Officer Zachary S. Cowan of the Lawrence Township police with felony contraband/controlled substance and possession of controlled substance/contraband-inmate.

She was also charged with misdemeanor false identification to law enforcement officer, possession of a controlled substance and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

The charges stem from incidents that occurred July 2 on Graham Street, then later at the county jail, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Officers received a report about a suspicious person on private property in the area of the Child Advocacy Center of Clearfield County.

Upon arrival on-scene, contact was made with a female who was seated near the center’s shed without permission. The female started to gather her belongings, which consisted of several backpacks and other items.

She was advised she wasn’t permitted on the center’s property to which she claimed to be waiting for a friend she couldn’t identify.  She also told the officer she was walking, but the location was in the opposite direction.

Cowan felt she was suspicious because her story didn’t make any sense; there had also been previous complaints of drug activity at a nearby residence.

The officer requested the female to provide identification, and she related she didn’t have any. When asked for her name and date of birth, she reportedly responded with “Clarissa Viehdeffer” and Aug. 23, 1990.

Cowan asked for the female to spell her last name and she hesitated but stated “Veidepher.” After he said that didn’t sound correct, she changed the first part to “Veih” but then asked to write it out and when she did, it was spelled as “Veidefer.”

The officer said it still didn’t seem right but proceeded to provide the information to Clearfield County Control.

He was also familiar with an individual by the name of Clarissa Veihdeffer, and he advised the female that he believed she’d provided him with a false name. However, she denied this, claimed she’d been recently married and just couldn’t spell her husband’s last name.

Cowan advised if she continued to provide the false name, she’d be arrested, but she still claimed the one she’d provided was correct.

When asked to provide her social security number, she claimed she didn’t know it. And when asked if she could provide some document or item to assist with her identification, she said no.

Cowan ran the provided information through a mobile tablet in his marked patrol unit. He found there were significant differences in appearance, and asked the female for her physical address. She was unable to provide it.

She was then asked if she’d ever lived in Woodland, and she replied only as a young child. The officer advised the name she’d provided came back as a Woodland resident, and that it was apparent she was lying.

The female continued to deny having provided a false name, and Cowan indicated that he planned to have her finger-printed, which she stated was fine.

When advised again she’d face arrest for falsely identifying herself, she allegedly admitted her correct name was Candace Gillingham.

Clearfield County Control was provided with the correct name and date of birth, and Gillingham related there were active warrants against her.

This was confirmed by Cowan, who placed her under arrest for false identification and warrants through the township and Curwensville Borough police and the county’s Sheriff’s Office.

When she was taken into custody, a search of Gillingham’s property turned up numerous syringes, one spoon with residue and two plastic bags with residue, Cowan said.

She was subsequently transported to county jail. At the jail, Gillingham was asked if she had anything else in her possession, and she related the officer had found everything.

Before Cowan left, he advised staff to contact him if anything else was found due to the large number of items with Gillingham. Clearfield County Control dispatched Cowan to return to the jail after drugs were found on Gillingham.

Upon arrival, he met with two corrections officers who said a pat-down search was done and afterward she was asked if anything had been missed. Gillingham reportedly said no.

When a CO took her into a separate room to change, Gillingham appeared to be hesitant. The CO said Gillingham had her back turned when she removed her shorts, and the CO observed something in Gillingham’s right hand.

The CO said they took the item, which was an “Accu-check” bottle with two plastic bags with one containing suspected crystal methamphetamine and the other one-half of a suspected buprenorphine pill.

Gillingham allegedly had the bottle concealed inside her shorts/undergarments. The CO said she tried to deny ownership and claimed she didn’t know it was there.

Cowan subsequently seized the contraband items and obtained statements from both COs.

During a police interview, Gillingham admitted to having providing Cowan a false name due to having multiple warrants.  She also admitted to ownership of everything in her belongings and on her person.

She said the bottle fell out because she didn’t realize it was actually on her. However, she agreed that she’d been previously warned that she’d face felony charges if contraband was found on her at the jail.

On July 17, a preliminary hearing was held after which all charges were sent to county court. On Oct. 7, Gillingham failed to appear for sentencing court and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Gillingham is described as a Caucasian female who stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall. She also has brown eyes and hair.

Anyone with knowledge of Gillingham’s location is asked to call Clearfield County Crime Stoppers at 800-376-4700. All calls to Crime Stoppers are confidential.


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