Clearfield Borough Moves One Step Closer to Turning Over Sewer Lines to CMA

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough Council moved one step closer to turning over its sewer lines to the Clearfield Municipal Authority.

At Thursday’s council meeting, council voted to approve the Act 537 special study done as part of the process for both the borough and Lawrence Township to allow CMA to take over all of the lines.

Then next step will be to have the township do the same, and then have the state Department of Environmental Protection review the plans.

Engineer Todd Banks of Stiffler McGraw Engineers attended the meeting Thursday night, and gave a brief update on Stinky Run.

He said that additional core borings conducted to isolate a contaminated plume have been completed and sent for testing.

Last week council held a special public meeting in regards to 2019’s Community Development Block Grant funding and during the meeting, council members discussed the need to use a portion of CDBG money set aside for the project by June of 2020.

Banks said DEP will probably not accelerate the project but instead push it back, which will require having it submitted for funding again, which could take 18 months to two years. He suggested the council look for another project to use the money for.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said they had discussed the possibility of this happening, and there are some blighted properties in the borough the money could be used to rehabilitate.

The other funds put aside need to be used by 2021, and she said there are some additional projects they are looking at.

In other business, council voted to deny a request from the YMCA regarding a run on Dec. 7, the same day as the Christmas Parade and tree lighting.

Council agreed that the weather is too unpredictable and since the running route includes the riverwalk and oval at the fairgrounds, it presents additional problems.

The borough work crews only clear the riverwalk after clearing the streets after snowfall, and if they clear the oval and damage it, the borough would be responsible for restoration before the next fair.

Also, it was noted that the employees would have to be paid time-and-a-half for the additional work.

“This is not the proper time of year to have a run,” said Council Member Jim Kling.

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