Volunteers Needed to Install Inclusive Swing in Curwensville

CURWENSVILLE – Volunteers are needed to help with the installation of inclusive playground equipment in Curwensville.

At Monday’s meeting, Street Department Foreman Dennis Curry said work has begun to install the new inclusive swing. He said while the street crew is doing a lot of the work, they can still use some volunteers to help.

A small group of people had turned up to help last weekend, but the rain prevented them from doing much work. He said they would be working on the swing around 9 a.m. on Saturday, if anyone would be available to help.

The council said additional donations have come in, which makes the total money available about $7,200. Phase II of the project will cost about $22,000.

Also, at the meeting, the council discussed Trick-or-Treating in the borough. Council member Tom Carfley said he received a complaint that Trick-or-Treating was to be held on Oct. 28.

He said the borough always holds Trick-or-Treating after the annual Halloween parade. The parade will be held Oct. 26 and kids can Trick-or-Treat immediately after the parade until 4 p.m. Those who want to give out candy should leave their porch lights on.

Also, at the meeting, Curry said the street sweeper has arrived and is being used. He thanked Steve Biancuzzo for volunteering his free time to show the crew some “tricks of the trade” in using the new machine.

He said the crew has been making their rounds through town. Curry also said that the crew has started the leaf pick up. He said with the weather, it’s hard to schedule specific times for pick up in specific areas of town.

He asked that residents rake their leaves to the curb. He said the crew will be making their rounds in the morning and will pick up the leaves as they see them.

Curry said both machines have been making an impact throughout town. He said he is seeing improvements in most of the “problem areas” around town.

Under the finance portion of the meeting, Council member Harriet Carfley said the budget is almost finished. She said the council is waiting to hear from the Teamsters union regarding the police contract.

The council then voted to approve the bills for September in the amount of $142,186.51.

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