LT Supers Discuss Conditions of Township Roads

CLEARFIELD – Township roads topped discussion of the Lawrence Township Supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday night.

A resident of Flegal Road asked the supervisors when it will be paved. He said that the condition of the road is deteriorating rapidly and he fears that someone may be injured or killed due to road conditions.

Supervisor Randy Powell said the biggest problem the township faces when it comes to paving is having enough funds to do it.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling added that he knows the road is in bad shape, but the priority has to be the worst roads first, and there are roads in the township that are in worse shape, specifically a portion of Industrial Park Road from state Route 879 near CNB Bank to Appalachian Drive.

He explained that when that portion of road was paved, the thickness was only 5.5 inches, which is not enough to withstand regular truck traffic. The other half is much thicker and has withstood use much better.

The township is applying for a grant to pave that portion of roadway, and will use the paving budget next year as the match if the grant is approved. If the grant is not approved, they will do whatever work they can.

Woodling said Flegal Road needs to be widened as well as paved and until they have the funding, the road crew will continue to do what they can with patching it.

The township has 90.3 miles of roadway.

During his report, Woodling requested that the $10,000 left over from this year’s paving projects be earmarked to be used towards installing storm drains on Lawhead Street in Hyde at a future date.

He said with people emptying their basement water into their yards, flooding on the street has become serious, especially in the spring, and stormwater maintenance is becoming necessary.

In regards to leaf pick up, the leaf truck is not available right now, but residents can still bag their leaves in biodegradable bags and place them along the curbs for pick up.

Residents are also reminded that Trick or Treat night will be Oct. 31 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

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