LHU Clearfield holds 30th Founders’ Day Convocation Awards Celebration

Convocation – LHU student award winners, presenters, staff and administration. (Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD — On Wednesday, Oct. 9, Lock Haven University Clearfield held its 30th annual Founders’ Day convocation awards celebration in the Clearfield Academic Building multipurpose room.

The event, hosted by LHU and the Clearfield Educational Foundation, honored 19 students with awards and scholarships. Student award recipients and their presenters were:

  • Mildred White Award, presented by Eleanor Bodle – Melissa Havens
  • Dora Lawhead Award, presented by Eleanor Bodle – Brittney Winters
  • Clearfield Campus Founders’ Award, presented by David Bailey, LHU Clearfield founder – Melissa Havens
  • Diana Kerin Memorial Scholarship, presented by Darlene Ardary, BSN program director – Ann Banfill
  • Lacy Magagnotti Memorial Scholarship, presented by Jane Frelin and Sandy Angelovic – Cheyenne Pentz
  • Lock Haven Clearfield Nursing Educational Award, presented by Andrew Miscannon ’16 – Melissa Weymer
  • Outstanding Criminal Justice Student, presented by Valerie Dixon, associate director of LHU Clearfield on behalf of Dr. Michael McSkimming, criminal justice associate professor – Joseph Couteret
  • The Belin Scholarship, presented by Carl Belin, founder and Clearfield Educational Foundation member; Jean Belin; and David and Barbara Fawns – Laura Edwards and Alexandra Smith
  • CBT Bank, division of Riverview Bank, presented by George Weidlein, vice president and trust officer – Carolyn Folmar
  • CNB Bank, presented by Chris Stott, market president – Kylee Carrier
  • Julie Riley Hale Memorial Scholarship, presented by Valerie Dixon – Ciara Strickland
  • Kurtz Bros., presented by Shawna Rothrock ’10, assistant warehouse manager – Emily White
  • Penn Highlands Clearfield, presented by Debra Thomas, chief nursing officer and Rhonda Halstead, president – Leah Coates and Morgan Emigh
  • Judith Peale-Strattan Memorial Scholarship, presented by Ryan Sayers, Clearfield Educational Foundation solicitor – Karter Bell, Elizabeth Mathews and Tessa Shadduck
  • Woodward Pharmacy and City Drugs Educational Scholarship, Valerie Dixon, on behalf of Maureen Gathagan, Clearfield Educational Foundation vice chair – Katelyn Barnett

Dr. William Curley, keynote speaker during LHU Clearfield’s 30th annual Founders’ Day convocation awards celebration. (Provided photo)

A welcome and opening remarks were given by Dr. Jonathan Lindzey, LHU Clearfield director and dean of the college of natural, behavioral and health sciences at LHU.

“The sense of community at Clearfield and the willingness to assist students to reach their goal is strong here,” Lindzey said about the Clearfield campus.

“Students, I hope this atmosphere and the dedication of our faculty and staff continues to advance your academic achievements and launch you into rewarding careers. Congratulations on where your dedicated efforts have led you to today.”

Dr. Robert Pignatello, LHU president, addressed attendees and introduced keynote speaker, Dr. William Curley, retired LHU Clearfield director.

“This ceremony recognizes the Clearfield and LHU tradition of quality, excellence and value that each of you represent so well,” Pignatello said.

“… Our dedicated faculty and staff look forward to carrying out our vital mission — and challenging each of you to soar higher at The Haven.”

Curley, who retired as director last year, said he misses working with the faculty and staff and connecting with the students. He told the students their time in college, and in life, is about choice and using discretion.

“… to do something, or not. To study, or not. To go to class, or not. … You really have to choose to get in the game,” Curley said.

“… Good things happen when you get in the game. … You are already here, so you made that choice, now I am encouraging you to choose to give maximum effort to get everything possible out of this experience.”

Curley also encouraged the students to get out of their comfort zone and to do things they have never done before. “You never know what is just around the corner if you try something new,” he said.

“You never know who you might meet while you are doing something new. It could be someone that would change the course of your career and life.”

Curley’s final point he made to the students was to take time to reflect on who and where you are. “A bit self-reflection will help to confirm that you are on the right path, and as I said before, life is about choice, and reflection helps you to make better choices,” he said.

LHU Clearfield offers nine undergraduate majors, including bachelor and associate degree programs. LHU is a member of Pennsylvania’s State System, the largest provider of higher education in the Commonwealth.



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