2019-20 Exploring Program Kicks Off at Area Schools

The Clearfield, Curwensville and Moshannon Valley Junior-Senior High Schools and the St. Francis School had the opportunity to participate in the first session of the Greater Clearfield Chamber of Commerce’s Exploring Program.

This is the third year for the program, which kicked off in September and will continue through the end of the 2019-20 school year.

Businesses and individuals are working with the Chamber to bring speakers to educate and enlighten these students to the fact that there are job opportunities in Clearfield County after graduating high school or college.

This program is a partnership between the Chamber, the school districts, Work Force Solutions of North Central Pennsylvania and the Boy Scouts of America to provide a program where students can ‘explore’ jobs and careers in their local communities.

According to the Chamber, it gives the students a head start preparing for their future by allowing them to learn about different industries and professions and to hear the stories of how these individuals are in their current position, whether it be a straight line or changing their minds a few times before finding their true passion.

Additionally, this program is beneficial to local business owners.  The goal of the program is to grow the workforce in the area by informing these students of their local options, and changing the narrative that young people have to move away to be successful and find a job.

According to the Chamber, the program gives these young people the opportunity to meet with business owners in the community to gain real world experiences in a variety of different career fields, and to make connections that hopefully lead to employment after they complete their education.

At the first Exploring sessions, the students heard from Ryan P. Sayers, Esq., advisor and chair of the Chamber’s Exploring Program, Valerie Dixon, associate director of Lock Haven University Clearfield Campus, Fred Redden, director of the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center, and Holly Ryan, assistant director of the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center.

These speakers gave an introduction to the program and provided information on post-secondary education, vocational and technical trades.

Students and parents are invited to visit Lock Haven Clearfield Campus and the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center for more information about the programs that they have to offer.

Also, everyone is welcome to contact the Greater Clearfield Chamber of Commerce for more information about this program via www.clearfieldchamber.com or 814-765-7567.

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