Who is the Guy on the Arby’s Commercials?

If you have watched television or internet content lately, chances are you’ve seen the new Arby’s commercials. During the ad, we meet our hero, the Head of Sandwiches—a small, bookish man dressed in a chef’s coat. In a strong yet lively voice, he tells a hungry audience how amazing Arby’s new sandwiches are. From his explanation, we learn that Arby’s is more than a roast beef joint. Then, with no time to lose, we hear the booming voice over exclaim the tagline, “we have the meats.” However, our quirky Head of Sandwiches quickly pops back on the screen to finish the tagline with the phrase “for sandwiches.”

Like many Americans, the fun character and his varied adventures in the kitchen are sure to grab your attention. However, something else may have caught your attention—his voice. Chances are you can place the Head of Sandwich’s voice, but it doesn’t match the face. So, who is the guy in the Arby’s commercials?

Meet H. Jon Benjamin

At 24-years-old, H. Jon Benjamin got his start with a comedy troupe called Cross Comedy in Boston. Benjamin performed with the group for seven years and rarely did anything as an individual. However, this would be the beginning of a long solo career as an actor and comedian.

In regard to voice over acting, one his early credits was the character Ben Katz from Comedy Central’s animated show Dr. Katz; Professional Therapist. He continued his voice over career by bringing Coach McGurk and Jason to life on the Adult Swim offering Home Movies. At this point, he was already an underground cult hero among the fan-boy sect. It wasn’t until 2009 that his name and voice became known everywhere, and he earned critical and commercial success.

Current Roles

Currently, Jon is the creative voice behind super-spy Sterling Archer on the FX animated series Archer. He is also the voice of Bob Belcher on the Fox animated series Bob’s Burgers. These two characters, who have nothing in common, demonstrate how impressive Jon’s voice over skills is. Very few voice over actors can bring multiple popular characters to life at one time. To date, H. Jon Benjamin has 78 acting credits.

A Star On- and Off-Screen

One of the most famous voice actors from over the years, H. Jon Benjamin’s voice should sound familiar to a lot of people. However, even though he is also an on-screen actor, many people don’t recognize him—case in point, Arby’s recent commercials. Although his face may seem unfamiliar, Jon’s signature baritone voice paired with his deadpan delivery has made him one of the most successful talents working today.

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