Curwensville Borough Discusses Noise Complaint with Business Owner

CURWENSVILLE – On Monday night, Curwensville Borough Council spoke with a business owner about an issue with a neighbor and also learned about an upcoming schedule to use the new leaf vac.

Ken Baker, owner of McCracken’s Auto Body, said he has been having issues with neighbors complaining about noise from his business on Filbert Street.

He said he has tried to work with them by opening later and keeping his doors closed as much as possible, but they continue to complain.

The building is located in an area zoned residential commercial, and the business was there before the area was zoned and was grandfathered in.

Another resident said she and her husband also have problems with the same neighbor who regularly yells at them and has even thrown things at them.

Council advised refraining from confrontation and calling 9-1-1 when there is an incident. In the meantime, the noise ordinance will be reviewed and the secretary will call Baker and inform him of his obligations, including how early he’s legally allowed to start work that generates noise.

Street Foreman Denny Curry reported that the leaf vac will start being used soon. He said they don’t have a schedule of streets yet, but residents should keep an eye on the news media as well as the borough Facebook page.

Residents can rake their leaves to the curb and the leaf vac will come and collect the leaves. Curry said that they will not accept bagged leaves, branches or brush, and the leaves must not be swept into the streets.

Because this is new equipment for the crew, he said they don’t know exactly how long it will take to clear each section of the borough, so the schedule is not set in stone.

Curry also reported that the street sweeper arrived Tuesday and will be put into use as soon as possible.

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