DuBois Council Oks Liquor License Transfer for Giant Eagle

DUBOIS – On Monday night, members of the DuBois City Council voted to approve a liquor license transfer request from Giant Eagle Supermarket.

It was noted that the store must meet the requirements of this restaurant liquor license if approval is received from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

According to council, Giant Eagle will have to offer a dining area that can accommodate seating for 30 people. Any patron who consumes alcohol must also purchase food.

During their dinner, patrons will be limited to either two beers or two glasses of wine. And patrons who purchase alcohol to go will be limited to two six-packs of beer or four bottles of wine.

All alcohol purchases will be done at specific store registers. All other registers will be programmed to not recognize alcohol barcodes.

According to council, all patrons will be required to show identification, regardless of their age. Alcohol registers will be open during Giant Eagle’s regular store hours.

Council also discussed Verizon’s permit request for a cellphone tower on Beaver Drive. Under the city’s regulations, Verizon would be required to pay a $300 permit fee, plus $1,000 per year in rent.

Verizon would be required to pay this fee and two years of rent up-front. This, a company spokesperson said, would put Verizon in violation of Federal Communications Commission regulations.

A packet of FCC regulations was then presented to City Solicitor Toni Cherry. According to the Verizon spokesperson, the FCC limited yearly fees to a maximum of $270.

As a result, council delayed its decision on Verizon’s request until its next meeting, so that Cherry could conduct further research into the FCC regulations.

Council also approved a conditional use permit for the Osburn property, so that it can be converted into a construction materials store.



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