Plans Moving Forward for CMA to Take Over Sewer Lines

CLEARFIELD – Plans to have the Clearfield Municipal Authority take over the sewer lines for both Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township are moving forward.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Engineer James Balliet of Gwin, Dobson and Foreman reported that the draft Act 537 plan has been completed and is being reviewed.

He said they need to meet with the township and borough and present the plan for formal adoption before they can submit it to the state Department of Environmental Protection for approval.

Balliet also reported that the wastewater treatment plant should generate about 8,000 pounds of nitrogen credits, which can then be sold to other plants.

He did some research and said they will be able to sell the credits at the end of the water year, which is Sept. 30, for about $3.50 per pound, and the total revenue will be around $25,000.

Customers along the Pine Grove North water main extension project are encouraged to contact the municipal authority and connect to the new water line as soon as possible.

The board discussed some issues that have been raised regarding water pressure and Manager John Williams and Balliet explained that when a system is designed, they do all they can to alleviate those problems but they still occur.

They have to balance the size of the tank with how long the water is in the pipes, and while some residents may have low water pressure, others may have very high pressure.

Williams said there are ways residents can work on those issues and CMA can give them some advice, such as tanks or pressure valves, but the residents would have to purchase those things themselves. He agreed the authority should try to better notify residents of the possible issues.

Balliet said that the state requires a single level home to have 20-25 pressure per square inch coming into the home.

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