Inmate Population and Personnel Top Prison Board Meeting

CLEARFIELD – Inmate population and personnel topped further discussion at the Clearfield County Prison Board meeting Tuesday.

As of the meeting, the jail held 170 inmates with 20 at Jefferson County and six in other facilities, bringing the total population to 196.

The month of August began with 173 with 176 committed and 179 released, ending the month with 165. There were 27 on home detention and 23 on supervised bail.

Additionally, the work release program began August with four participants, with four added and three paroled, ending with five participants.

Board Chairman President Judge Fredric Ammerman said he and Judge Paul Cherry have instituted a policy change on a case-by-case basis, where inmates detained for parole or probation violations can be allowed to participate in work release, but so far only one person has taken advantage of that.

Warden Gregory Collins said that he has been contacted by some area businesses who are willing to hire inmates to work and the jail has been working to get some of them on work release.

However, they have encountered a problem with some of the inmates not having valid photo identification. In some cases, they have been able to work around the situation, but in others, they are at a stalemate.

Under personnel, the board learned that long-time medical director, Dr. Levinson, has submitted his resignation. Levinson has been medical director at the jail for about 25 years.

Commissioner and board member Tony Scotto took the initiative to find a replacement and the warden will be speaking with the candidate this week.

The commissioners also reported that a licensed practical nurse has been hired, but they are still looking for a registered nurse.

Commissioner Mark McCracken said the two candidates he was talking to last month backed out due to the proposed salary. He is going to be talking to someone else later this week and is hopeful the situation will be resolved soon.

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