Dangerous Bus Stop, Trick or Treat and Road at Crown Crest Cemetery Top LT Supers’ Meeting

CLEARFIELD – A dangerous bus stop, trick or treat and the road at Crown Crest Cemetery topped the Lawrence Township Supervisors’ meeting Tuesday night.

Police Chief Doug Clark reported that there is a serious problem with traffic near the end of Mount Joy Road, across the railroad tracks, where a school bus stop is located.

Clark said that the stop is across from Body Matrix gym and that sometimes traffic gets backed up when a bus is stopped there and there have been several close calls.

The supervisors have drafted a letter to be sent to the state Department of Transportation requesting a traffic study and also a stop sign to be erected just before the railroad tracks.

The supervisors also noted times they have seen near accidents and that the employees of Moyer Auto Body have also seen near misses.

The board also set the Trick or Treat time. Supervisor Jeremy Ruffner reminded the other supervisors that last year the event was scheduled for the Saturday of the week of Halloween.

This, he said, was due to some parents expressing safety concerns with having it at night on Halloween, which was when the borough scheduled Trick or Treat.

As a result, there were two Trick or Treat events for Clearfield, and Ruffner said it created more problems than it solved. Since then, the township has received requests from people to hold Trick or Treat on Halloween.

The supervisors voted to schedule Trick or Treat for Oct. 31 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., which will be coinciding with Clearfield Borough.

Ruffner also asked if any progress had been made in determining what to do with the road through Crown Crest Cemetery. Roadmaster Ron Woodling said he had looked into milling material for the road and the cost would be $60 per ton.

Solicitor James Naddeo suggested that the supervisors hold off on a decision until a receiver is appointed for the cemetery.

However, the supervisors said the situation is getting serious, with cars being driven into the grass to avoid the damaged road, and if they wait too long, it will be too cold to effectively do anything.

After some discussion, the board instructed Woodling to get prices on either using SuperPave or hot mix on the road, or the cost to tar and chip the road, and to bring the information back to the next meeting. The money to repair the road would come from the cemetery account.

Under the Code Enforcement report, Code Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner reminds residents that branches overhanging right of ways or roads are the responsibility of property owners to remove, and if the township is forced to do the work, the property owners will be responsible for the cost.

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