Kovalick Presented with RULE Program Certificate

Lisa Kovalick of Lecontes Mills was presented with a certificate by Dean Rick Roush of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State University at commencement ceremonies held in Sate College recently for the Pennsylvania Rural-Urban Leadership Program, RULE, of Penn State Extension.

The keynote speakers were: Melanie Baber (RULE XV), House Policy Advisor, Executive Office for the President, White House and the Deputy Secretary for the Department of Community & Economic Development, Rick Vilello (RULE VII).

Kovalick is one of 23 commonwealth residents to complete the two-year RULE Program, a leadership development course based at the Penn State Extension.

Through a series of study institutes held across the Commonwealth, RULE allows scholars representing a broad cross-section of Pennsylvania to blend their diverse backgrounds and experiences while exploring leadership theory, communications, economics, public issues, government affairs and other related areas.

Since the early 1970’s, Penn State has provided leadership programs dedicated to educating and empowering leaders in rural and urban Pennsylvania.

RULE is one of 48 such programs in the world, and is recognized for its global impact and regional outreach.  There is an exponential influence, a multiplier effect for the graduates and current students of RULE who share a common thread for making a positive difference for the public good.

RULE’s purpose is to encourage and foster the development of community leaders from all segments of Pennsylvania.

The program of study is bolstered by its partnership with Penn State connecting RULE with cutting edge leadership research.  Underscoring the entire program are the core values that encourage diversity in the resolution of public issues.

RULE is a partnership between the public and private sectors.  The program is funded by individual participants, sponsoring organizations, private and public contributors, Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation, MidAtlantic Farm Credit, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania State University and Penn State Extension.

RULE is currently recruiting for RULE Class XVIII, which will commence in December of 2019. If you are interested in more information please contact Tara Homan at tls32@psu.edu, or call 814-863-4679 and check out www.rule.psu.edu.

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