Sandy Supers Vote to Allow Gambling Facilities

DUBOIS – In a split, 3-2, vote on Monday night, the Sandy Township Supervisors voted to allow gambling facilities in the township.

Supervisors Mark Sullivan, Jim Jeffers and Kevin Salandra voted in favor, while Supervisors Dave Sylvis and Andy Shenkle voted in opposition.

According to the supervisors, research was done into Resolution No. 2017-21, which the supervisors passed back in 2017 to ban casinos and gambling facilities (category 4) from the township.

The supervisors said there wasn’t a known facility in the works in Sandy Township. However, it was noted that four more licenses will soon be auctioned off by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Now, the supervisors said the township would be “in the running” as a possible location. Sullivan said he personally was in favor because it would bring jobs and tax breaks for the citizens.

Salandra, however, felt that it wasn’t his “place” to regulate what township residents do. He said ultimately, it’d be their choice of whether or not to visit a casino, if one located here.

In other business, it was reported the township is currently in the process of replacing the bolts on valves in its water system. The bolts have started to corrode, which has caused leaks.

The township has also established a committee to research options regarding the municipal building. Options ranged from renovations of the current building to construction of a new building.

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