Clearfield County Approves 2019-20 Human Services Plan

CLEARFIELD – An ongoing need will soon be addressed in Clearfield County.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Clearfield County Commissioners approved the 2019-20 Clearfield County Human Services Plan.

Community Development Specialist Lisa Kovalick said the 2019-20 plan outlines the need for in-county treatment services for individuals suffering from addiction or substance abuse disorders.

Kovalick said Community Connections of Clearfield and Jefferson Counties, along with five other mental health joinders representing nine counties have been awarded the state Department of Human Service funding to develop a long-term, structures residence to evaluate and restore competency for individuals presently housed in county jails.

Kovalick said that Dickinson Centers Inc., has been selected to bid on a property in Jefferson County where it will begin to construct the long-term structured residence.

The LTSR will provide services such as in-patient hospital detox, in-patient hospital rehab, in-patient non-hospital rehabilitation, in-patient non-hospital detox, in-patient non-hospital rehabilitation, in-patient non-hospital long-term rehabilitation, partial hospitalization, intensive out-patient treatment, out-patient treatment and halfway house services.

Kovalick said presently, the SCA lacks all levels of in-county residential services and partial hospitalization services. She said it has been difficult to attract these services to Clearfield and Jefferson counties and this has been a barrier for those looking for treatment. Kovalick said this new plan will start to address those needs.

“It’s important that these individuals get the assistance they need, but the county jail is not the place for them,” Commissioner John Sobel said. “Obviously, this is a very serious problem.”

Also, at the meeting, the commissioners voted to approve:

  • A purchase of service agreement for Shippenville Project Point of Light Inc.
  • A liquid fuel allocation for Bloom Township in the amount of $3,024.50.
  • The transfer of William McDonald from full-time to part-time corrections officer at the county jail.
  • The separations/retirements of Jaden Cunningham, part-time dispatcher at the 911 center; Kiley Smith, full-time dispatcher at the 911 center; Nancy Collins, administrative assistance at the tax assessment officer; and Jennifer Shaffer, secretary at District Judge Mike Morris’ office.
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