LTE: Boggs Twp. Supers Responsible for Failed Community Park Project

Dear Editor:

Boggs Township started a Community Park with a $40,000 matching grant; it also contributed $20,000 in township funds. This provided a total of $60,000 for Phase 1 of the project, which included a bridge, walkway, benches, etc.

Then, the supervisors called upon volunteers to clear brush, as well as to help with paving, ditching, building the bridge, etc. However, construction costs reached $68,272 in Phase 1, at which point new supervisors were elected.

Work continued on the project until issues arose over insurance and the health of volunteers. These were later exposed as false.

So far as my knowledge, the new supervisors violated Code 22, Section 2204 shortly after they called for a Park and Recreation Board and placement of a chairperson.

Upon its formation, they (the supervisors) stripped it of its powers and made it a consulting group without notification until its first meeting.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Soil Conservation then toured the park to give some insight.

In order to stop erosion on slopes, they suggested that vegetation be encouraged and that existing vegetation be cut several times over a year’s time.

However, the supervisors and park group chairperson must have assumed this meant they cannot have cutting done. Today if you go by, the park has become devastating to our community.

It’s obviously become nothing more than a vacant lot overgrown with weeds because the present supervisors have failed at their responsibility to complete the previous board’s plans.

Our supervisors are now responsible for the waste of $68,272.


John Deacon

West Decatur

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