GANT Police Blotter

Curwensville Borough

  • Police are investigating the reported theft of services after an unknown individual placed garbage in a dumpster owned by the Little League. Residents are reminded to dispose of trash in lawful ways.
  • Clearfield-based state police were assisted with a traffic stop along the Curwensville-Tyrone Highway and Lake Drive.
  • Police responded to a reported break-in, in progress along Thompson Street. Upon arrival, it was learned that the incident was civil in nature.
  • Police responded to the Curwensville Commons to perform a vehicle lock-out service
  • Police took a male into custody after he allegedly violated a Protection from Abuse order. He had a medical emergency and was transported to Clearfield Penn Highlands Hospital, then to county jail upon his discharge.
  • Police located a female who appeared to be upset along Hemlock Street. After speaking to the female, it was learned that she had a verbal altercation with her boyfriend.
  • Police arrested an individual for DUI after it was found that they were under 21 years old and allegedly operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The investigation is ongoing.
  • Police received a complaint of harassment by communications. It was later learned that the incident was occurring within another jurisdiction.
  • Police received a complaint about access device fraud. However, it was learned that it was in another jurisdiction and information was provided to the proper authorities.
  • Police located a stolen/missing pedal bike along Station Street in Curwensville. The bike is older, has rust on the handlebars and it’s also red in color.
  • Police completed a vehicle lockout at the county’s Area Agency on Aging Meal Delivery location in Curwensville
  • Police were assisted by Curwensville EMS as well as the CCAAA with a mental health report along Fredricka Avenue.
  • Police were asked to assist with a civil dispute at the Curwensville Commons. As a result, it was explained to the caller that the police were unable to assist as it was a civil matter.
  • Police responded to the area of the Locust Street apartments for a reported bear. Police would like to advise residents that they are aware of the bear issue, have contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission and that the PGC advises that ammonia is possibly a great way to repel bear from coming onto a property.
  • Police took a male into custody on new charges after a reported disturbance along Walnut Street. The investigation is ongoing.

Sandy Township

  • On Friday police were contacted by a 39-year-old man who reported that while riding in a vehicle to a job site, he asked his boss to stop so he could use the restroom and his boss punched him. Officers handled the situation without incident.
  • On Friday police received reports about a 70-year-old Pittsburgh man who was standing at the corner of the Burger King parking lot and holding signs about gun rights. Burger King employees asked the man to leave, but he refused; officers arrived on-scene and asked the man to leave, which he did without incident.
  • On Saturday a 45-year-old Hanes Drive woman called police because her 45-year-old estranged boyfriend was reportedly throwing things around their residence. Officers arrived and handled the situation without incident.
  • On Saturday a 27-year-old Brookville woman was allegedly caught by Wal-Mart employees attempting to take several items without paying for them. Charges are to be filed against her for the incident.
  • Police reported that a 30-year-old South Brady Street woman went to the hospital Saturday after a fight with her 42-year-old boyfriend turned physical. After speaking to both parties, officers found both had sustained injuries and neither wished to pursue charges.
  • On Sunday a 45-year-old Hanes Drive woman called officers again regarding her 45-year-old estranged boyfriend and wanted him to be removed from their residence. Officers handled the situation without incident.
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