DuBois City Plans Repairs to Railroad Crossings

DUBOIS – Two railroad crossings will undergo repair work, DuBois City Council announced Monday night.

From Sept. 10-12, short-term repairs will occur to the railroad crossing across state Route 219, near East DuBois Avenue.

More extensive repairs for this railroad crossing and another located on Division Street will occur in 2021.

Council also passed the Sandy/DuBois Sewer Service agreement. The city will mail out informational brochures to the public.

According to City Engineer Chris Nasuti, brochures will detail what can be flushed, which he said was essentially limited to toilet paper.

For example, he said floss has gotten tangled up in filters at the treatment plant. And he said even sanitizing wipes, which were supposedly flushable, were causing clogs in the sewage system.

In other business, council approved selling the following property on Municibid, including its:

  • Miller Syncrowave TIG welder;
  • Salt Dogg 10’ V-box salt spreader;
  • Sel Air 185 compressor;
  • 4 x 8 special construction utility trailer; and
  • Target Econoline Walk-Behind concrete saw.

Council also reported complaints have been received concerning drones in DuBois City. Individuals can contact the city with future complaints until council finds possible remedies.

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