Throwback Thursday: Trolley Car Makes Its Way Through Morrisdale

On Jan. 29, 1904, the Daily Journal of Philipsburg reported that “the special trolley car of the Centre and Clearfield Street Railway left the corner of Front and Presqueisle streets [in Philipsburg] for the initial trip to Morrisdale Mines, a distance of about five miles.”

With the advent of early 20th century electrical power generation and service, a rural trolley car could provide transportation from Philipsburg to Winburne along the approximate path of today’s state Route 53.

Mine towns were booming and fast being filled with worker’s families, many of them recent immigrants.  Roads were little more that mud trails and automobiles were then a luxurious novelty of the wealthy.

The trolley provided affordable and efficient service to move passengers from mine town to mine town.  Travelers could connect to other train lines in Philipsburg.

The photo shows the trolley, powered by electrical lines and headed westward, on the main roadway of Morrisdale, in Morris Township.

The popular trolley became a victim of the car culture that overtook the United States in the 1920’s.

It made its last run on Aug. 12, 1927 and the Journal reported, “When the car left Winburne on its return trip, the motorman tooted a solemn dirge, which echoed through the village with a pathetic mournful sigh.”

A local historical era had ended.

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