Throwback Thursday: County Fair Life of the Late 1930’s

The Clearfield County Fair began in 1860 as display of agricultural products to celebrate the annual harvest.  From its beginning, on the verge of the U.S. Civil War, it has grown into the big event that it is today, a century and a half later.

Mid-19th century fair visitors would not recognize the electrical-powered carnival rides and the tented games and displays shown in the photo of the midway, taken in the late 1930’s.  The same can be said of the grandstand of the time.

Then again, late 1930’s fair visitors would likely not imagine today’s many food booths, the large grandstand stage with its entertainment acts, as well as the sounds and brightly -lighted sites that make the fair what it is today.

Nevertheless, nearly 150 years later, the showing livestock and farm products still draw a crowd.

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