GANT Police Blotter

Lawrence Township

  • Police received a pair of keys that was found Tuesday along Graham Street in Hyde. Anyone with information is asked to contact township police.
  • Police received a report about an incident of theft that occurred Monday at the Goodwill Store at the Clearfield Mall. During the incident, someone allegedly stole a Vera Bradley wallet from a Woodland woman’s purse in the store’s fitting room. Anyone with information is asked to contact township police.

Sandy Township

  • On Monday a tractor-trailer driven by a 28-year-old Springfield, Mass., man struck a curb while pulling out of the Falls Creek Sheetz onto the Rich Highway, causing it to get stuck. Two tow trucks were called to the scene to assist with pulling the truck from the concrete curb to prevent it from hitting a utility pole. Once freed, the truck was driven from the scene.
  • On Monday a 36-year-old DuBois man lost control of his vehicle on Clear Run Road when his tire came off the rim after he swerved to miss a deer. The vehicle went off the road and came to rest in a wooded area. No injuries were reported as a result.
  • On Tuesday police were contacted by a Highland Street Extension resident who reported that her two-year-old Great Dane and two puppies ran off. She later called back, saying the dog returned home, but they were still looking for the puppies.
  • On Tuesday police were contacted by a resident who reported that a 20-year-old retail employee came to her house in the guise of dropping off a sales flyer, the day after she had been in the store. She said he asked her to confirm her address for store records. The retail establishment was made aware of the incident, according to police, and is handling it internally.
  • On Tuesday police received a report about a 73-year-old Florida man who was loitering in Napoli’s and the VA Clinic. It was found that he was traveling and staying in his car, and police say, the situation was handled without incident.
  • Police received a report about a crash Tuesday in the Pilot parking lot. According to police, a driver was asleep in his truck when it was hit by a tractor-trailer. However, the driver of the tractor-trailer denied it occurred until shown damage. Officers handled the situation without incident.

DuBois City

  • On Monday police were requested to make contact with a woman on West Long Avenue. Upon arrival, she told officers she’d voluntarily let a known male into her apartment, he was intoxicated and started to “flip out” and trash her place. Police say the woman’s apartment appeared to be disheveled with items scattered all over the floor. She was advised not to let the male inside because this is what typically happens, and she indicated she’d let him in because she has feelings for him. The woman also said he took her phone and she wanted it back; officers tried to make contact with the male at his residence with negative results. Police advised the woman to call back if the male returned.
  • Police received a report about a combative patient Monday at the DuBois Penn Highlands Hospital. According to police, staff members were trying to restrain a 51-year-old male mental health patient but upon arrival, they’d already managed to. Police assistance wasn’t necessary because staff had the situation under control.
  • Police were contacted Monday by a sheriff’s office in the commonwealth of Virginia concerning a male who was wanted in Virginia but lived in DuBois. According to police, contact was made with the male at his home, and he was taken into custody. He was lodged in county jail until custody could be transferred over to the Virginia Sheriff’s Office.
  • Police received a report about a suspicious male Monday in the 800 block of West Long Avenue. A witness said the male had arrived in a white car and taken several pictures of a residence. He’d also asked if children resided there, and neglected to offer an explanation when questioned. The male then left the area. A dispatcher told police the car had left about 20 minutes prior to the call being made; officers periodically checked the area but didn’t locate the male.
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