Clearfield Municipal Authority Hears Several Updates

CLEARFIELD – Board members for Clearfield Municipal Authority heard several updates during the meeting Tuesday.

During the engineer’s report, the board learned that since the deadline of the consent order to close the Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Hyde, there have been three discharge events.

Two were two-day events with fines of $2,800 and $3,250, respectively. The third one was only one day on June 18 and the fine has not been calculated yet.

Board members asked if the state Department of Environmental Protection is taking it easy on them because CMA, Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township are working on consolidating the sanitary sewer system under CMA’s control.

Engineer Jim Balliet said that is a possibility. DEP could charge up to $10,000 per day for each event.

Balliet gave a brief update on what is happening regarding the consolidation. An Act 537 special study is needed and the engineer for the borough and township, Stiffler McGraw, has submitted their reports for that study.

Gwin, Dobson and Foreman Inc., the engineer for CMA, is currently finishing their portion. The plan will then be put together and adopted by resolution by CMA and then forwarded to DEP for review.

In regards to the Pine Grove North water main extension, the new tank has been filled and disinfected.

DEP has conducted an inspection and after they issue the operating permit, the remaining customers will be allowed to connect. Customers along the lower portion from state Route 879 to Carbon Mine Road have already begun to connect.

About 196 new customers will be added to the system in total.

GD&F are also registering CMA’s excess nutrient credits with DEP for sale at the end of the water year, Sept. 30. He said last year they were able to get about $3-3.50 per pound and expects to have about 10,000 pounds of credit to sell this year.

After an executive session, the board voted to make an offer to a prospective employee for the water portion of the authority and that individual will begin work in August.

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