Trial for Clearfield Man Accused in Drug Case

Daniel R. Peteuil (Provided photo)

DUBOIS – A Clearfield man will stand trial for possessing a large amount of drugs.

DuBois City police say Daniel Robert Peteuil, 43, had methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana when his vehicle was pulled over on June 6.

He is charged with three felony counts of possession of firearm prohibited, five felony counts of manufacture/delivery/possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, a felony count of dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, five misdemeanor counts of intentional possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, selling controlled substance without known trademark and two summaries.

After a preliminary hearing Friday during centralized court, District Judge Patrick Ford ruled all charges be sent on to the county court. Peteuil remains incarcerated in the county jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.

According to the affidavit, a vehicle Peteuil was driving switched lanes a few times while sitting at a red light on West Park Avenue. The windows in the car were tinted so no one could see into the vehicle.

After the officer initiated a traffic stop, the vehicle pulled into a parking lot.  The driver was identified as Peteuil, who claimed when he had purchased the vehicle the windows were already tinted.

The officer described him as shaking and being nervous with blood-shot eyes. He admitted that he was on state parole.

It was discovered during a routine check, that he had an active warrant from Nevada. He was then placed in handcuffs.

When he was searched, the officer reportedly found $1,430 wrapped in a rubber band in his pocket.

Peteuil’s story about where he was going and what he was doing was not making sense, police said, and after he was asked why he was shaking so badly, he responded that he “didn’t like handcuffs.”

When he was asked if he had anything in the vehicle the officer should know about, he said no, but would not give permission for him to search the car. However, he said he would give permission to a state parole officer.

After it was determined the warrant was only good for the surrounding areas in Nevada, Peteuil was released from the handcuffs.

The officer then asked Peteuil to perform field sobriety tests even though he stated that he didn’t take any drugs except for Viagra. He claimed his eyes were red because he had just gotten out of a pool.

A state parole official responded to the officer, advising him that Peteuil was on parole and not permitted to be in DuBois.

After a state parole agent appeared on the scene, she searched the vehicle where she reportedly found a large amount of cash in the center console and a loaded pistol. Peteuil is not permitted to possess a firearm because he is a convicted felon.

Peteuil was taken into custody and the vehicle towed to the police station. After a search warrant was issued, the vehicle was searched.

Investigators found over $45,000 in cash, two more pistols, ammunition and various drugs including 238.41 grams of cocaine, 349 grams of heroin, 58.32 grams of methamphetamine and over a pound of marijuana, according to the report.

Online court documents indicate that Peteuil had previous drug convictions in Allegheny County in 2015, Centre County in 2014 and Clearfield County in 2008.

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