DuBois Regional Airport Sees Passenger Increase


More Are Using American Airlines Connection from Southern Airways

DUBOIS – Announced at last Friday’s monthly authority board meeting, the DuBois Regional Airport (DUJ) continues to see growth each month in the number of commercial passengers flying to and from the airport.

Total passengers in May were 843 passengers, where 433 flew outbound from DUJ and 410 flew inbound.

The outbound passenger counts for 2019 from January to May totaled 1,910 passengers, which was a 15 percent increase compared year-to-year from January to May last year.

Southern Airways Express services the DuBois Regional Airport with flights to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and the Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI).

In May, just about 78 percent of travelers fly from DUJ to PIT connecting with another flight. The opposite is true with BWI where 67 percent of travelers stay and visit for recreation and business to the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area.

Also noted at the meeting was the interline partnership between Southern Airways and American Airlines (AA).

Over 41 percent of fliers connecting with another airline bought their tickets on an American Airlines flight to either PIT or BWI, which is an increase from January that saw 31 percent of travelers use AA.

“The seamless connections with tickets and bags between our Southern flights and with American Airlines is working very well for travelers,” said Bob Shaffer, DuBois Regional Airport manager.

“Additionally, the ability to book a flight on the AA Web site from DuBois to any airport in the country that American flies to is proving that flying local is very easy.”

Flights on Southern Airways from DuBois to Pittsburgh or Baltimore range from $34-$59 depending on how far in advanced tickets are booked.

For the full schedule of early-morning and late-afternoon flights to both airports with advanced pricing information, visit www.duboisairport.com or www.iflysouthern.com, or call 1-800-329-0485, and use airport code DUJ to inquire about flights leaving DuBois.



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