Throwback Thursday: Ramey Fire Company Shows Off New Steam Pumper

(Provided photo)

The Ramey Volunteer Fire Company’s Web site headlines the statement of, “Proudly Serving Since 1910.”  It has indeed!   As the late State Rep. Bud George used to say, “Our volunteer fire companies are worth their weight in gold!”

The pair of photos shown was likely taken shortly after the fire company was organized.

The steam pumper consisted of a coal-fired boiler that would build up a head of steam to operate a pump, which would in turn, produce enough force in order to spew out a jet of water on to a burning structure.

It was high tech, for the times, and it was better than the best-organized bucket brigades.

The pumper was drawn through the muddy streets by two or four, or perhaps six horses.  Firemen ran behind to keep up.

The pumper had kerosene light and a noticeable round bell at the front for the driver to operate with a foot peddle, giving a loud ringing signal.  Fire sirens would come in later years.

The photos show the pumper with two horses (or maybe mules) hitched to it.  The men look proud of their new machinery and the boy, at the right, is dressed well in the flat caps and knickers of the day.

By the early 1920’s, the Ramey Fire Company was using an early gas engine truck.

(Provided photo)

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