McGinnis Warns Clearfield Residents of Phone Scams

CLEARFIELD – Residents of not only Clearfield Borough, but also the entire area, are reminded by police of the plague of phone scams targeting the unwary.

During Thursday’s committee meeting, Police Chief Vincent McGinnis said that these phone scams are a major issue for every department.

The current popular one is that a victim will receive a phone call from a person stating they are a police officer from Texas and they have impounded a car registered in the victim’s name and that the car is full of illegal drugs.

In order to not be arrested, the caller instructs the victim to go to Wal-Mart and purchase gift cards.

McGinnis stated that the police will never call you for such a reason. Furthermore, purchasing gift cards from Wal-Mart or any other store won’t help you avoid arrest.

Citizens are reminded to never give out personal information over the phone, including birthdates, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc.

McGinnis also encourages anyone who receives a phone call they are suspicious of to contact the police and talk with them about the situation.

All police departments, he said, are willing to talk with citizens about suspicious phone calls and help them deal with scammers.

The repaving projects for both Front Street and Woodland Road are moving forward. Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott stated that she and street crew foreman Todd Kling met with representatives of the state Department of Transportation and it appears now that both streets will be repaved simultaneously next year.

Stott and Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack reported the borough has seen a rise in people blowing grass clippings into the streets. Not only is this a violation of borough ordinance, but it creates a traffic hazard and also clogs the storm sewer system.

Mack said he has been passing out cards with the ordinance listed and is keeping a list of those he has warned. A second violation will result in citations.

Mack also noted a $6,000 increase in permits this past May compared to 2018 and said it is an indication of improving economic conditions.

Also, two new houses are under construction, which he said is a welcome sight.

There were not enough council members present for any committee to have a quorum, so items for recommendation will be discussed and voted on at next week’s meeting.

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