Sportsmen’s Club Holds Groundhog Target Match

(Provided photo)

The Anderson Creek Sportsmen’s Club held its first groundhog match of the year on Sunday.

The match consists of a peeking groundhog target at 100 yards and a full-size groundhog at 200, 300 and 400 yards.

The winners are:
Unlimited Class 

  • First place, Steve Brennen of Ridgway
  • Second place, Bob Horton of Johnstown
  • Third place, Eathan Krawcion of Nicktown

Factory Class 

  • First place, Joe Lash of Hillsdale
  • Second place, Ed Rethi of Dicksonville

The winner of the side group match was Michele Brennen of Ridgway with a five-shot group, measuring .946″ at 300 yards.

Pictured are Rethi, Lash, Brennen, Horton and Krawcion.

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